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Since our inception, Policy Scotland
has been totally focused on providing a professional service that meets your needs.
We are the organisation who can to help get your voice, views and ideas across to the decisions makers.  Many organisations don't have a policy department or team to put the thoughts of the company to paper at the times when it really counts.  The result is when consultations appear, the ideas and solutions you have, don't go where they need to.  We can do this for you. 
If you wish this to be done via team meetings (can also be by Zoom, Skype, Cisco Webex, etc.), with your Board of Directors, Service Users, or maybe your Senior Management Team, we can collate the views, put them to paper, doing the legwork for you.  If you are asked to then provide oral evidence in parliament or similar, we can help with that too; either with you or for you.
When guidance and legislative changes come in, you need to know about them, but wading through papers is unlikely to be possible in your busy day.  We have sessions you can book onto or can put together something bespoke to suit your training needs.
Finally, we are experts in the role of facilitation.  In a world full to bursting with meetings, it's crucial to keep them on track, to time and meeting the objectives intended.  With years of experience in this, we can help get the best from your precious time.

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