Open Consultations

Here are just a few of the consultations that are open for response just now.  We can produce a response with your concerns, solutions and ideas to one of these, or any other consultation open at the moment.

Responses cost from £800.

Charity price for this service starts (and usually finishes!) at £500 all in.

Closes 17th January 2021

Revised National guidance for child protection in Scotland

The National Guidance for Child Protection in Scotland describes the responsibilities and expectations of everyone who works with children, young people and their families in Scotland. It sets out how agencies should work together with children, young people, parents, families and communities to protect children from abuse, neglect and exploitation.

The aim of the consultation is to seek views on the tone, level of detail and approach in the revised guidance, in particular in relation to the description of new or significant aspects, and whether there are any omissions or aspects that have not been adequately addressed.

Closes 10th December 2020

The Scottish Government’s definition of gender based violence is clearly set out in Equally Safe, Scotland’s strategy for preventing and eradicating violence against women and girls.  Alongside this there is the acknowledgement that prostitution is a form of commercial sexual exploitation. Commercial sexual exploitation persists as a result of how women are viewed by society.

This consultation explores the future of the exploitation and how Scotland will tackle this; looking at support, strategy and solutions.

Closes 1st January 2021

The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Equlities and Human Rights

This inquiry seeks to identify the evidence that some groups of people are experiencing disproportionately negative impacts of the coronavirus, and by some of the measures taken to deal with it.

They want to hear views on:

  • which equality groups are being disproportionately negatively affected by the coronavirus, and by some of the measures taken to deal with it 

  • what equality and human rights impacts there have been

  • what the Scottish Government can change or improve to mitigate against these impacts

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