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Open Consultations

Here are just a few of the consultations that are open for response just now.  We can produce a response with your concerns, solutions and ideas to one of these, or any other consultation open at the moment.

Responses cost from £1250.

Charity price for this service starts (and usually finishes!) at £995 all in.

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Closes 26th January 2024

Care Leaver Payment

There is recognition that many young people with care experience do not have the same informal support network that other young people have during transition points in their lives. It has therefore been proposed that the Care Leaver Payment will provide a one-off payment of £2000 to young people moving on from care. The idea being that this removes some financial barriers that might be faced during this point of transition.

The proposed Care Leaver Payment would form part of a broader package of support which includes, but is not limited to, access to Continuing Care and Aftercare support for care leavers, the Care Experience Bursary and Council Tax Exemption for care leavers. 

Have you or your organisation expertise and thoughts to input into the current consultation on this proposal.


The consultation contains questions on a range of issues including the purpose of the payment, the eligibility criteria of the payment, and the support required to apply for and manage the payment.  

If you'd like us to help you respond to this / or collate your views and compile your response for you, please get in touch.




Image by D Jonez

Closes 14th February 2024

It may seem an odd combination, but  there is a recognition of the importance of home and surroundings and how these reflect wellbeing.


The Scottish Government is gathering views to help inform the scope of any legislation for a proposed Wellbeing and Sustainable Development Bill.

The Bill aims to further improve decision making and the implementation of the National Performance Framework to ensure that all policy and delivery is focused on increasing the wellbeing of people living in Scotland, both now and in the future.  This consultation also explores scope for further improving accountability and scrutiny of the National Outcomes including the case for a Future Generations Commissioner.

Is this something you or your organisation wish to input to?  If so, and you would like our help to do so, please get in touch.


What are your thoughts on social housing? Does our social housing in Scotland meet needs in terms of energy and efficiency?

The Scottish Government wants all of our homes to be warmer, greener and more efficient, and claims to be committed to ensuring that everyone in Scotland, no matter their financial situation, has access to good quality housing that they can afford to heat.

They state that the social housing sector  has led the way on energy efficiency in recent years. Is this your own experience? What is working well? What needs improved? Are you working in the housing sector, or suppprting people living in social housing? Does your orgainsation want to input to this consultation?

The Scottish Government committed in the Heat in Buildings Strategy to reviewing EESSH2 in 2023 with a view to aligning it with its net zero targets. The independently chaired Zero Emissions Social Housing Taskforce (ZEST) recommended the EESSH2 review be accelerated to ensure alignment with net zero and provide clarity for social landlords. This consultation is a part of this.

If you'd like help in responding to this, please drop us a line.

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