Open Consultations

Here are just a few of the consultations that are open for response just now.  We can produce a response with your concerns, solutions and ideas to one of these, or any other consultation open at the moment.

Responses cost from £995.

Charity price for this service starts (and usually finishes!) at £850 all in.

British Pound Coins

Closes 23rd December 2021

Devolved Social Security Benefits

With varying opinions on how best to carry out debt recovery, this consultation brings varying views and ideas.


The consultation is seeking your views on what powers over debt recovery should be transferred from the sheriff court to the Social Security Chamber of the First-tier Tribunal.

The consultation presents 3 options,  including the status quo, transfer of all social security debt recovery cases currently within the jurisdiction of the sheriff court to the First-tier Tribunal, or all social security debt recovery cases (currently within the jurisdiction of the sheriff court which would fall within the simple procedure) to transfer from the sheriff court to the First-tier Tribunal.

Which would provide the most suitable outocme?  Would you / your organisation have valuable thoughts to contribute to this?  If you'd like our help to do so, please get in touch.



Closes 21st November 2021

The Scottish Government and COSLA have committed to jointly develop a new suicide prevention strategy for Scotland. 

Using a collection of evidence and intelligence, the work has already been undertaken across Scotland to help prevent suicide, addressing gaps in knowledge, actions or implementation and develop any new priorities and/or emerging areas of work from, for example, the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

This questionnaire forms a part of the first stage of engagement to develop the next suicide prevention strategy.


In addition to this there are online events where you can also share your thoughts and ideas.  Have you reponded to the questionnaire?  Do you need valuable advice on how to highlight your views and ensure the value of your input is recognised?

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Closes 4th February 2022

Assessment of Wellbeing

Scottish Ministers must issue guidance on how the eight wellbeing indicators:

  • Safe

  • Healthy

  • Achieving

  • Nurtured

  • Active

  • Respected

  • Responsible

  • Included

are to be used to assess the wellbeing of a child or young person.


This is a consultation on statutory guidance, in line with Section 96(3) of the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 (the Act). 

Draft guidance has been developed in partnership with stakeholders. What are your thoughts and opinions on this?  This consultation is an opportunity to provide feedback on the draft.  The responses will feed into the revision, so that the final, published guidance is informed by consultation responses.

Do you have expertise to feed into this?  Would you like help to do so?