Open Consultations

Here are just a few of the consultations that are open for response just now.  We can produce a response with your concerns, solutions and ideas to one of these, or any other consultation open at the moment.

Responses cost from £1200.

Charity price for this service starts (and usually finishes!) at £950 all in.

Thinking Man on Couch

Closes 27th May 2022

Scottish Mental Health Law Review

The Scottish Government is seeking views around recent proposals made by the Executive Team and Scottish Mental Health and Incapacity Law Review.

The work so far, has had input from people with lived experience, unpaid carers, mental health practitioners, and a number of advisory groups and forums.

The aim of this consultation is to gather views, thoughts, ideas and solutions on the Review’s proposals for changes to mental health and incapacity legislation, before a final report is sent to the Scottish Ministers at the end of September 2022. 

Would you / your organisation have ideas that would help the future of housing in Scotland?  Should you be putting your ideas into this consultation?  If you'd like us to help with this, please get in touch.




Senior Man

Closes 19th June 2022

With an increased awareness of the needs of older people, and how the pandemic has and continues to have an impact, there is a need for a strategy to aid the way forward.  Ideas prior to now don't take in the increases in bereavements, the increases in the costs of living, and the decreases in the access to health and wellbeing care.

This consultation is to gather thoughts, ideas, and solutions as to how we progress in putting older people at the centre of COVID recovery planning, with a focus on preventative, joined up approaches.

Within this, the expectation is for health and social care services to adapt, taking in the needs of an ever increasing population.

If you or your organisation would like to input to this, please get in touch.





Closes 22nd June 2022

Children's Care and Justice Bill

We all want a bright future for our children to grow up.  Scotland’s ambition is to be the best place in the World for our children and young people.  However, to get there, we need ambition and determination, alongside planning, safeguarding and strategy.

This Scottish Government consultation covers potential legislative reforms to promote and advance the rights of all children and young people who have been harmed.  It has the specific objectives to safeguard and support Scotland’s children towards positive outcomes and destinations; with a focus on those who may need legal measures as well as guidance, to secure their wellbeing and safety.

If you and / or your organisation wishes to respond to this, get in touch.